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  • 4 varieties of gourmet ice cream every month!
  • Ice Cream Lover's Newsletter with every shipment!
  • FREE SHIPPING every month!
  • Personalized gift announcement!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Unique Selections -Delicious, hard-to-find ice creams unavailable in local stores!
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The Ice Cream of the Month Club is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any ice cream lover. Every month we'll deliver four different, one-pint varieties of premium, all-natural ice cream carefully chosen by our team of ice cream gourmets and shipped dairy-fresh from specialty producers nationwide. These are hard-to-find, unique ice creams made in small batches and you'll never find these delicious ice creams in your local supermarket or in national stores. We offer 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and an Ice Cream of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.

Exceptional Quality Makes an Exceptional Gift

At Amazing Clubs we've served over 1 Million happy customers with a better than 99% satisfaction rate. Our customers order again and again because they trust us to deliver some of the most unique and hard-to-find ice creams available anywhere. That means premium, gourmet ice creams made with only all-natural ingredients and shipped dairy-fresh for safe arrival. You won't find a more delicious, or more fun, gourmet gift anywhere and these amazing ice creams are only available as exclusive selections of the Ice Cream of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs!

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Customer Reviews

Best Club Ever!
  • SAM77
  • Fairfax, VA

I have been gifted with several different clubs from my mother-in-law. The Ice Cream of the Month has been my favorite one. Everything has been delicious. Nothing too out of the way, but each flavor is unique and different from something you would find in the supermarket or grocery store. I have my favorite flavors but everything has been a treat. Would highly recommend for someone who enjoys ice cream.

Very well received gift
  • CountD
  • St. Cloud, MN

Sent this to my sister and her family last holiday. They call every month to thank us and my nephews said it's the best gift they ever received as a family. My sister said that they do a very good job packaging and it always arrives frozen. I'm tempted to order it for myself!

The Coolest Gift!
  • Ihearttennis
  • Brooklyn, NY

I had a hard time believing they could really deliver ice cream without melting, but my wifes parents love ice cream and we wanted to give it a try. Wow, is all I can say. They managed to get everything there in perfect condition and the in-laws loved the flavors.

Wild flavors. Be prepared!
  • JJMahoney
  • Portland, OR

I gave the ice cream of the month club to my Dad for his birthday last year and it's a huge hit. It all arrives nicely packaged and I've been surprised that it always arrives frozen and not melted. One warning! Don't order this if you want boring flavors like chocolate and vanilla. Just last month one of our selections was "Chocolate Raspberry Truffle". It was delicious - just not for the faint of heart!

Delicious ice cream. Don't let it melt!
  • KariAnn
  • Mobile, AL

Got this as a housewarming gift last year. My sister knows I'm an ice cream nut and was pretty excited to finally find the perfect gift for me. The different ice creams have been delicious. They all seem to come from little tiny companies and I love the stories that come with each delivery. This is MUCH better ice cream than you can get at the supermarket. The only problem I've had is that one shipment arrived melted. The ice cream comes packed in dry ice so usually it's no problem but UPS made a delivery mistake and the ice cream melted. Amazing Clubs replaced the shipment free of charge so we still got our ice cream but let me tell you, a box of melted ice cream makes a huge mess!