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Each month we'll deliver a new variety of delicious, gourmet cheesecake made with only the finest ingredients and shipped fast and fresh from some of the country's finest bakeries. Each shipment weighs a generous 1.5 pounds and serves 8 to 10 people (depending on appetite) and each monthly delivery is covered by our unbeatable "They'll Love It!" Guarantee!

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Each monthly delivery includes our informative cheesecake lover's newsletter, The Smooth and The Sweet, with information about our monthly selections, fun cheesecake facts, serving suggestions and more!

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Free Shipping in the continental U.S.
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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Good gift
  Brenda | Thorndale, TX

Delicious cheesecakes. Excellent customer service. Really good gift idea.

  Jett12 | Salome, AZ

Easy to order. Good communication . Received compliments on quality of product. I'll be back to place more orders for holiday gifts!

Not cheap but VERY good cheesecakes!
  T.A. | Big Sky, MT

It's an expensive gift for sure but the cheesecakes are very high quality and always arrive fresh.

We enjoyed it very much
  Tom Anderson | Portland, OR

Great gift for someone hard to buy for. The cheesecakes are outstanding with a nice variety. They are packaged well.

Cheesecake Heaven!
  Julie | Sioux Falls, SD

My son gave us the 3 month Cheesecake of the month Subscription. It was the coolest gift. The quality of the cheesecake surprised us. The Amaretto was divine. This is one club I'd love to get over and over again!

Can't choose your own cheesecakes
  MiriamBB | Brooklyn, NY

Be careful because you can't choose your own cheesecakes. The company sends a different flavor every month and everyone gets the same thing. They send you an email every month telling you the flavor and you can click a button and skip that month if you don't like it but if you miss the email or forget to skip a month there's nothing you can so and they won't let you return the cheesecake because it's "food".

Response from Amazing Clubs We're sorry you're not having a perfect experience, Miriam! Unfortunately, you're right - we don't allow our customers to return food items. You're also right that we have system in place allowing our members to skip any monthly deliveries they're not interested in and we're sorry if that hasn't been effective for you. Perhaps you'd be interested in a different club? We have 39 other amazing clubs to choose from and I'm sure we can find something you'll absolutely love. I've asked a customer service supervisor to reach out to you and we're going to do our very best to make you a happy customer.

Brilliant Idea
  CathyZ | Zion, IL

What an awesome brilliant idea!!! I love this sight and will be coming back often for gift subscriptions for family and friends!!! I love it!!!

  BuffaloHaus | Buffalo, NY

My family bought my mother a CHEESECAKE of the MONTH CLUB package for her birthday. She LOVED everyone that was delivered month over month!! As she would call me to tell me HOW GOOD the one was she JUST GOT, she would quickly come back to WONDER WHAT THE NEXT ONE WILL BE!!

Really good. But really rich!!!
  josie-posie | Athens, GA

Great cheesecake. No complaints at all. But have you ever tried to eat a cheesecake all by yourself? I promise you, you'll be sorry you tried by your last bite. Get some help.

Great idea, but...
  Vicki | Tulsa, OK

My first 2 shipments arrived right on time. But the third shipment hasn't arrived yet and it's over due. The tracking says "delivered" but it's not here. Am I going to get my cheesecake at all?

Response from Amazing Clubs We're sorry you're not having a perfect experience, Vicki! While it's rare, even the best shippers like FedEx misplace a package once in awhile and we feel just terrible that it happened to you. We've added a free replacement shipment to your membership and hope that you'll accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

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