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Founded in 2003, Amazing Clubs began with a very simple mission - to bring our members the most exclusive and highest quality gourmet items available anywhere. It all started because our founders had received gift clubs from other companies in the past. And while some of them were pretty good, none of them were great. They wanted to change that.

From the very beginning, it was an adventure. We started with just a single club. The next year we had seven. Then seventeen. And on and on. It seemed like just when we got a new club up and running, someone had an idea for something else we just knew our customers would love.

Today we have offices in three states and two countries and our gourmet gift clubs have been featured on TV shows and in major publications like the Today Show, Good Moring America, Extra, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal (just to name a few). And with more than 3 Million Satisfied Customers we're the largest provider of gourmet Gift of the Month Clubs in the world.

But you know what? It's still an adventure. Every year we sample hundreds upon hundreds of incredible gourmet items to see if they make the grade for our members. Some do. Most don't. But we'll never settle for second best - and neither should you.

The trademarks 'Wine of the Month' and 'Wine of the Month Club' are registered by Wine of the Month Club, Inc. and are used herein with permission under license...

Over 3 Million Satisfied Customers!
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