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Every month we'll deliver a selection of premium, freshly-roasted coffees made with only 100% Arabica beans and shipped fresh from boutique and award-winning roasters around the world. Each shipment includes two new and different varieties - each weighing a generous 12 ounces - and each monthly delivery is covered by our unbeatable "They'll Love It!" Guarantee!

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Each monthly delivery includes our informative coffee lover's newsletter, The Daily Grind, with information about our monthly selections, fun coffee facts, brewing recommendations, and more!

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Previous Selections
Previous Selections

We're proud of the premium, fresh-roasted coffees we deliver to our members every month. Over the last 12 months we've featured the following selections in the Coffee of the Month Club.

December, 2018

Coming Soon...

November, 2018
Thai Arabica
Nicaraguan Nueva Segovia

October, 2018
Honduran Octupeque
Mexican Huatusco

September, 2018
Kenyan AA Africa Blend
Indonesian Flores

August, 2018
Papua New Guinean Western Highlands
Colombian Narino

July, 2018
Peruvian Chanchamayo
Indonesian Java

June, 2018
Brazilian L'Amistad
Costa Rican Tarrazu

May, 2018
El Salvadoran Millennium
Panamanian Boquete

April, 2018
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Guatemalan Pastoral Fedecocagua

March, 2018
Nicaraguan Red Cattura
Gajah Mountain Owa Owa

February, 2018
Malawi Tapestry Blend
Honduran Copan

January, 2018
Columbian Tolima
Central American Tres Amigos Blend

December, 2017
Sumatran Orang Utan
Mexican Ranchero

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