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Each month we'll deliver a new and different selection of premium, exotic flowers express-shipped from our award-winning growers around the world and delivered in specialty packaging to insure maximum freshness and unsurpassed longevity. Our fresh-cut offerings have featured lillies, orchids, birds of paradise and more and each delivery is covered by our unbeatable "They'll Love It!" Guarantee!

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Each monthly delivery includes our informative flower lover's newsletter, The Petal Express, with information about our monthly selections, fun flower facts, profiles of our growers, and more!


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Expert selections of exotic flowers hand-selected by our professional floral experts exclusively for our members.

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Previous Selections
Previous Selections

We're proud of the beautiful flowers we deliver to our members every month. Over the last 12 months we've featured the following selections in the Flower of the Month Club.

December, 2021

Coming Soon...

November, 2021
Fall Enchantment Bouquet
Red LA Hybrid Lilies
White LA Hybrid Lilies
Song of Jamaica

October, 2021
Autumn Tropical Bouquet
Heliconias Iris Red
Golden Orange Heliconias
Anthurium Red
Curly Pandanus
Cat Palms
Lettuce Fern

September, 2021
Spectacular Sunset Bouquet
LA Hybrid Orange Lilies
Royal Sunset Lily
Song of India
Ti leaf Cordeline Verde Limon

August, 2021
Enchanted Tropics Bouquet
Red Ginger
Pink Ginger
Pink Loafa
Pink Anana
Sassy Heliconia
Eucalipto Doll
Lettuce Fern

July, 2021
Rainbow Lily Bouquet
LA Hybrid Lilies
Cordyline Maria
Cordyline Elegant
Red Sisters

June, 2021
Tropical Dream Bouquet
Pink Ginger
Red Ginger
Banana Fingers
Pink Pampas
Pink Gorsum

May, 2021
Island Treasures Bouquet
Heliconia Iris
Heliconia Golden
Red Ginger
Hypericum Red
Pandanus Variegated
Dracaena Sanderiana
Palma Raphis
Pandanus Curly

April, 2021
Sensational Spring Bouquet
White LA Hybrid Lilies
Pink LA Hybrid Lilies
Yellow LA Hybrid Lilies
Dracaena Lanca Pleomelle Tip

March, 2021
Tropical Sunset Bouquet
Safari Sunset Leucadendrum
Parakeet Heliconias
Golden Heliconia
Croton tips
Sanderiana tips
Cordelyne leaves
Curl Pandanus
Arrow Palm

February, 2021
Island Paradise Bouquet
Pink Ginger
Banana Fingers
Turquoise Loufas
Parakeet Heliconias
Arrow Palms
Lettuce Fern
Croton Tip
Cordelyne Leaves
Phi Xantal

January, 2021
Lovely Lily Bouquet
White LA Hybrid Lilies
Cordyline Punta Blanca
Cordyline Sherberth

December, 2020
Holiday Tropics Bouquet
Red Ginger
Golden Eucalyptus
Masajeanas Leaves
Lettuce Fern
Arrow Palm

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