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Every month we'll deliver a delicious selection of limited-availability, hand-crafted teas made with only premium leaves from boutique growers around the world. Each shipment includes two new and unique varieties (20 tea bags of each - twice as much as you get from other clubs) and each monthly delivery is covered by our unbeatable "They'll Love It!" Guarantee!

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Tea Lover's Newsletter

Each monthly delivery includes our informative tea lover's newsletter, The Tea Times, with information about our monthly selections, fun tea facts, steeping recommendations, and more!

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Free Shipping in the continental U.S.
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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Very pleased with my gift!
  Denise R. | Santa Monica, CA

My sister worked in London for most of her life and developed a serious tea habit. Last year I surprised her with a membership to the tea of the month club and I've been very happy with her response. Every month she calls to thank me and to compliment my gift and tell me about the tea she's receiving. According to her, the tea is some of the best she's ever had and it makes me feel good that she's enjoying my gift. I HIGHLY recommend Amazing Clubs and the tea of the month club!

Impressive customer service!
  Gordon B. | Las Vegas, NV

I try to only do business with companies that offer superior customer service and Amazing Clubs is exactly that kind of company. I sent my parents a subscription to the tea club from their website and when the first delivery arrived, my 89 year old father called into customer service with some questions. The young woman who answered the phone was patient and helpful and spent at least 10 minutes on the phone with my Dad answering his questions and making him feel good about his gift. That's the kind of customer service I appreciate and I will continue to order products from Amazing Clubs.

Quality Tea
  Christine | Olathe, KS

I want to say, first of all, that you do indeed get 40 bags of tea per month, 20 x 2 types. Another reviewer said 12 and that had me confused. The FAQ is accurate! :) The tea is very, very good. The flavors are bold without being overpowering, something that can easily happen, for instance, with the "very berry" tea that came the first month. When I saw the label proclaiming "a mix of blueberry and blackberry" I was prepared to be overwhelmed but delighted to find a perfect balance of potency and flavor. The peppermint chamomile wasn't quite as good -- it was slightly weaker and I ended up using 2 bags per cup to get a really good cup of tea -- but both teas from December were wonderful. I can't choose between them.

So far so good...
  Davis P. | Atlanta, GA

Got this as a Christmas present and received my first shipment today, so this is just an initial reaction. The teas smell great and brew a nice cup. They're well-balanced and the flavors don't overwhelm the subtle qualities of the tea which is a hallmark of a quality tea. As I said, I have only received one shipment so far but so far so good!

5 year member of the tea club
  Kathy | Seattle, WA

I've been drinking tea all of my life and I can honestly say that these are the best teas I've ever had. My husband first gave me this gift for Christmas 5 years ago and we've renewed every year since. The tea is well packaged, always on time, and of very high quality. You receive two different varieties every month and 20 bags of each. Customer service is also very good.

Very happy
  Andrew G. | Williston, VT

I purchased this for friends and they have been very complimentary about my gift. They seem to really be enjoying it and make a point of mentioning it every month when it arrives. This is my first time buying "of the month" gifts and based on this experience I will order again in the future.

Flavorful Fragrant Expensive
  ErmaDear | Herndon, VA

You get 2 unadorned packages of 12 generic individual sealed teabags per package. One package is usually a Green Tea blend & the other either Black, White or Roo. At $.50 per teabag I want higher end packaging - something I can re-gift that looks impressive. It's too much tea for an occasional tea-drinker so re-gifting is a practical way to have the fun of different teas without drowning in excess product. I've loved the teas I've tried.

Quality tea and how to brew it
  VaGolfer | Alexndria, VA

I like tea, but am not very good at selecting teas at the store. I look forward to the monthly arrivals of teas that represent a nice selection of different types of quality teas. Also, I really like the explanations in the newsletter and the fine points of brewing the teas(water, brewing temps, brewing times). Great gift!!

  Janie D. | Austin, TX

I love a good cup of tea and the teas I'm receiving are excellent. I would recommend Amazing Clubs to other tea lovers!

Favorite Christmas Gift
  Lotta Sports | Argyle, TX

The Tea of the Month has been my favorite Christmas gift! I had two selections shipped to me last week and I LOVE them both! What a great change from store-bought teas!!

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